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Adriana Braghetta Advogados Ex-L O Baptista Arbitration Co-Head Launches Boutique LL Latin Lawyer

07 February 2020 - LL - Latin Lawyer.

Ex-LO Baptista Arbitration Co-head Launches Boutique

Adriana Braghetta has left her role as co-head of arbitration at Brazilian firm LO Baptista Advogados to set up her own boutique in São Paulo.

She left the firm where she spent 12 years as a partner in January to establish Adriana Braghetta Advogados, where she will practice primarily as an arbitrator.

Braghetta previously served as vice president of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration until 2017 and continues to sit on its governing board. She is also a former chair of the Brazilian Arbitration Committee.

Braghetta says that “after more than 25 years acting as counsel, the time came to focus on sitting as arbitrator.” As she began to accept a growing number of appointments, she says the increase in potential conflicts of interest meant it was time to start a new boutique.

“I’m very thankful for the wonderful time co-leading the arbitration team at L O Baptista. We had many challenging and exciting arbitration cases and it was a privilege to work with the late Luiz Olavo Baptista among other talented and dedicated colleagues.”

She adds: “I’m excited by the change and eager to continue to work more and more,” saying she hopes to spend more time on academic projects and to “dedicate myself to the younger generations.”

At LO Baptista, Braghetta helped Brazil’s national development bank BNDES defeat a US$250 million International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) claim by Ecuador's state-run electricity company, who refused to repay a loan over faulty construction work by Odebrecht.

Braghetta was also on the 22-strong special committee of judges and practitioners that made revisions to Brazil’s 1996 Arbitration Act. She lectures at CEU Law School in São Paulo and speaks Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.

Eleonora Coelho, who set up her own boutique in São Paulo and is president of the Centre for Arbitration and Mediation of the Brazil- Canada Chamber of Commerce, says: “Adriana is an outstanding lawyer with deep knowledge and experience in arbitration.

She is definitely one of the best arbitration practitioners in Brazil and we are sure that her boutique will be a great success.”

Eduardo Silva Romero, the Paris-based co-chair of Dechert’s international arbitration practice, says Braghetta’s boutique launch is a “natural step in her career.” He adds: “Given her prestige and outstanding legal talent, this is very good news for, in particular, the Brazilian and Latin American arbitration markets.”

Albert Jan van den Berg of Hanotiau & van den Berg says: “Being one of the most prominent international arbitration lawyers in Brazil, this is an exciting venture for Adriana. Her success will no doubt continue with her boutique firm.”

Assisting Braghetta at her new boutique are two Brazilian lawyers, Felipe Sartório de Melo and Andréa Zanoni, who have master’s and bachelor’s degrees respectively from the University of São Paulo Law School. Sartório de Melo was working with Braghetta after joining LO Baptista Advogados in 2018 and previously worked as an in-house lawyer in Brazil.

Mauricio Almeida Prado, who is now the sole head of arbitration at L O Baptista, says Braghetta is “one of the best professionals that I have ever worked with, gathering huge experience, deep knowledge and total commitment to the client. Her move towards an arbitrator career is a foreseeable step considering her reputation and appointments to high profile cases, commanding her full dedication.”

Following Braghetta’s departure, Almeida Prado says there will be new career opportunities at LO Baptista among the five partners and 25 lawyers fully dedicated to arbitration.

This article was first published by Latin Lawyer's sister publication Global Arbitration

Review on 5 February 2020
Practice area: Arbitration
Country: Brazil

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